Tuesday, February 23, 2016

To Capture Speed

Each Florida day has begun by taking pictures of the rising sun.  Today the sun is behind a veil of grey that is so uniform the camera struggles to focus.  Mist has been floating in and out of the shore and the inland clouds look like they will bring rain.  And then in 10 minutes, everything changes.  The sun rises above the cloud bank on the horizon and a glorious sky emerges.  The ocean and sky are still merged and without a clear distinction.  Because the sun has risen high enough, there isn't the orange or red colours.  What occurs instead is an ocean and sky that look like grey pearl. The camera sees more colour than I do:  As the sun rises into a cloud, there will be oranges in the image which I barely see.  And then the sun is up, and the sunrise picture-taking is completed.  

Today's images were taken on the trip down to Florida.  These are motion blur pictures - where the car's speed is faster than the camera's shutter speed to give that wonderful sense of movement.

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