Saturday, February 6, 2016

St. Louis Blue

What colour of blue would St.Louis Blue be?  I haven't found the answer yet, but did enjoy the wikipedia entry for the music.

St. Louis blues
 is a type of blues music. It is usually more piano-based than other forms of the blues, and is closely related to the jump bluesragtime and piano blues. It is sometimes performed to a "Saint Louis shuffle" beat; a drum rhythm with heavy on-the-beat accents. It can often be made up of a small number of singers, a pianist and a few other musical instruments (used primarily for rhythm) to make up a band, but it is also common for guitarists to take the lead, even to play parts normally played on piano.

We're looking at abstracts created from the handicapped parking asphalt during a rest stop on the trip.  These are followed by more sunrise images from yesterday.

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