Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bungalow The Origins

Dezi has enjoyed the beach with running, a mistaken swim, and deciding shells were something to chase.

As one drives along the coast, the original houses were the long Florida bungalow, and we wondered the origin of the word.  This was a surprise:

1670-80; < Hindi banglā literally, of Bengal

The word bungalow was originally used to describe the temporary houses set up by English sailors traveling to India to work for the East India Company. These little houses were often just one story high with a thatched roof. Nowadays, the word bungalow can be used to describe any one story house. Think of the little cabin you slept in at summer camp — that’s a kind of bungalow.

What words rhyme with bungalow?  Here are a few from Merriam-Webster

Rhymes with bungalow

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