Saturday, January 23, 2016

Toronto's Beacon

I received notice yesterday that Longwood Gardens would be closed until Sunday with an impending storm coming through the Eastern U.S.  Many states declared emergencies ahead of the storm, and there is a blizzard enveloping them now.

We seem to be out of range of the storm, so can turn to lighter topics.  I went into City Hall when I was in Toronto last week.  The flying saucer building is as wonderful inside as it is outside. You can see the second image of a wall in the centre of the lobby that reflects the flying saucer shape of the building.

I did some work there in 2004 or so, and the views of Toronto are wonderful.  There is a scale model of Toronto, built in 1985 and still on display in the lobby.  It was used for planning purposes back then.  What fun it is to look at it and recognize streets, buildings and places.  We're looking at the view from Lake Ontario with the CN Tower in the middle of the picture.  It is always easy to know where you are in Toronto - look to the horizon and the CN Tower will light the way!

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