Sunday, January 24, 2016

Romantic Flowers and Romance of the Railroad

Niagara seems to be spared the massive storm that has engulfed the Eastern U.S. At Grimsby Beach yesterday, the shore ice crowded into the beach, with the ducks and geese standing around instead of floating.  In some places there are ice banks forming between the water and the shore. In a typical year, there's 15 to 16 per cent ice coverage on the lakes.  There's almost no ice formation in the Lake so far this year.

I found out that there are 16 types of ice.  They are labeled I through XVI.  Ice IV is the kind we have in our freezers.  Ice III is denser than water, and would sink if put in a glass.  I don't remember learning about this in school.  I wonder if any of you covered this. We all know, though, that ice is everywhere in space, and that it is a signal of possible life on a planet.

Our pictures today show warmer times. I've included the cover and images of the Romance of the Railroad Calendar available on Redbubble. The site is listed in the bottom section of the email. There's also a Romance of the Railroad portfolio on my site there.

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