Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lilies by Name

I have two for-purchase sites.  The first is Redbubble.  This site has group functionality for showcasing images on the site.  I host 3 groups: All Glorious LiliesAll Glorious Gardens and Surfaces and Textures.

As a host, I curate weekly features of member images, and run challenges on an on-going basis based on themes.

When I took over the All Glorious Lilies Group, its scope was limited to Lilium lilies. However, most photographers and artists are not flower experts and all kinds of flowers were being submitted.  To the submitters they looked like lilies or people called them lilies.  These would include day lilies for example.  As the images were very beautiful, I looked for ways to define the scope so they could be included.  The Lily family is named Liliaceae.  I found that it used to be a large and diverse scope of plants - everything from lilium to allium (onions), irises, etc.  But that's all changed with genetic testing and it is now a very small family of plants.  So I decided to make the scope everything in the Liliaceae family and anything with lily in the common name.
The list was started and grew and grew. Here's the current Handy List of Lilies.  There are over 16,000 views of this list.

I looked up the Matthew verse on '"lilies of the field" to see how this related to the group. Wikipedia says scholars consider the autumn crocus, scarlet poppy and Turk’s cap lily (a lilium) to be candidates, also narcissus, gladiolus and iris. And then, wikipedia tells us the verse could also just mean flowers in general and that lily could be a word referring or any showy variety.

So this is the working motto for the group. Elusive and inclusive in its reference to Lilies – a fitting verse for a group which has a clear, and yet meandering scope -  All Glorious Lilies.  

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