Thursday, December 24, 2015

Full Cold Moon - Have A Great Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve Moon
It is Christmas dinner at our house today.  But later on, the night sky will be filled with something other than Santa's sleigh in the sky.  This year has the distinction of a beautiful Full Cold Moon. I saw it this morning - a huge golden ball low on the western horizon.
It's called a Full Cold Moon because it occurs at the beginning of winter. The last time a full moon shined on Christmas night was  in 1977. And the next one won't appear until 2034.
According to NASA, the Full Cold Moon will peak in brightness and size at 23.11 GMT on December 24 and will still be full the next night on December 25.
The space agency provided the stunning image above of the Full Cold Moon, taken by its orbiting Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

You can see the video here.

Have a great Christmas Eve!

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