Friday, December 11, 2015

Counting how many ways to countdown to Christmas

I wanted to find out interesting things about the countdown to Christmas. I put in the search words days count down till Christmas.

But the results of my google search told me How Many Ways to Countdown Christmas.  There are a lot of websites and apps to countdown.

The results were fun, so here are a few:
There are a few Christmas Countdown websites -   christmasdaycountdown -with lots of snow in that scene, then the official Your Christmas Countdown is on Facebook.  It is full of ads for presents.  It too has a Christmas countdown website yourchristmascountdown and you can personalize the countdown by adding your name.

And another site named and it has pictures of Santa with the countdown 'shown in America/New_York timezone.'

Heading over to Google play we can get a 3D Christmas Countdown.  There's a listing of the new options such as:
  • added Tree Brightness option
  • Improve colours for tree
The reviews include the following:
My daughter ask everyday how many days till Christmas. This app helps her know it on her own.  All she has to do is look at my phone and it tells it.

Awsome but needs some work😏 Yay Christmas! But the app needs to get more options. Shouldn't you be able to change the tree color with out buying a new app?.99 I don't have to buy a new app!!!!!!!!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ˜–

I might go for the Christmas Countdown Widget so that I can countdown in different ways -  such as heartbeats.

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