Monday, December 14, 2015

Being British

At this time of year, when many of our traditions trace themselves back to Britain, George Mikes' manual "How to be a Brit" has been republished after 30 years ago.  Here are a few excerpts to start our day.  Once we know how to be British about them, we can rediscover Lost Christmas Traditions.

On not knowing anything
One thing you must learn in England is that you must never really learn anything. You may hold opinions – as long as you are not too dogmatic about them – but it is just bad form to know something. You may think that two and two make four; you may ‘rather suspect it’; but you must not go further than that. Yes and no are about the two rudest words in the language.
Why don’t the British panic?
They do, but very quietly. It is impossible for the naked eye to tell their panic from their ecstasy.
Why don’t they work harder?
They just don’t like hard work. The Germans have a reputation for hard work, so they like to keep it up. The British find it boring. Then, apart from a tiny and despicable minority, the British dislike the idea of taking part in the rat-race. They will give up certain advantages – knowingly and with their eyes open – in order to be able to stick to certain values and a way of life.
How would they fight a civil war?
Very, very quietly.

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