Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tree Portraits and Demolition Reconstructions

Sometimes it is difficult to take a picture of a beautiful tree in the city.  It is often difficult to isolate, and the surroundings distract.  I found these tree trunks beautifully situated against the wall of a new building on University Avenue on the site of the Royal Military Institute.

The architecture of the Royal Military Institute has a long history and the front facade had been 'carefully restored' in 2007.  Then the site was sold for the addition of a 40 plus storey condo.  The front facade was in the process of being dismantled for storage, when it crumbled and fell apart.  The front was then reproduced so that it looks like the heritage building that was.  All the articles indicate the front facade was 'restored', which would have been a significant archeological experience.  I wonder what the story is.

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