Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Science We Can Do

It is Thanksgiving in the U.S. this Thursday, and in a month from now we'll be celebrating Christmas Eve.

Between now and then, we have an opportunity to explore some 'interesting stuff'. Here's a question I found just waiting for us:

What are some neat science experiments I can do with my 3 year old son?

- ice + water and then ice+water +lots of salt for freezing point depression

- Put yeast and sugar and water in a tube with a balloon over the top and watch it expand then make bread

- boil red cabbage and use it as a PH indicator with vinegar or lemon juice and baking soda solution (base)

- make oobleck from cornstarch  Oobleck: The Dr. Seuss Science Experiment

- if you have old pipes/guttering build a track out of them and watch water flow (colour the water and watch how the colour changes as it mixes)

That will keep us busy for a day or so...

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