Sunday, November 15, 2015

How Many Welland Canals?

How many Welland Canals are there?  These pictures show the Port Dalhousie entrance - part of the remains of the third Welland Canal which was built in the latter 1800's.  I am familiar with the fourth Welland Canal as we lived on Scott Street at the canal and it was part of our daily lives. As one drove down Scott Street, one could see the ships tied up waiting for their turn in the locks. The fourth canal was completed in 1933.

So there was a first, second, third, fourth and feeder canal.  There are some remains, like this entrance, to these canals.
"A history of the Old Welland Canals would not be complete without addressing the current legacy of the First, Second and Third Welland Canals and the Feeder Canal. You may be wondering what happened to them and how much of them are left? The answer to these questions may surprise you. Although obsolete and no longer in use the majority of the canal infrastructure was left alone."

To find out the answer, go to this site:


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