Monday, November 23, 2015

Funny News of the Day

November is the time of year when we Canadians  need cheering up.  The days darken, winds blow, and we 'worry' about our first snowfall.  That's not the case in the U.S. as Thanksgiving is around the corner and there's a mad dash to get ready and then celebrate.

So for us Canadians I looked up 'funny news' and got this headline:

"Thieves steal a car with a child they drop him off at school"

The other headlines come under the searching, stretching, and weird:

"Hungry Gater Crashes Florida Picnic"

"Couple Searches for Missing 200-Pound Tortoise"

"Watch Otto the Bulldog Set Skateboard World Record"

"A Tapework with Cancer Gave Its Tumors to Someone"

"Ferocious Crocodiles to Guard Prison for Drug Convicts"

Here's a triptych in the Sabi Story series.  A bit or urban grunge found in Toronto earlier in the year. 

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