Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Portfolio Series - Surface Attention

Today's images are fallen palm leaves - this is the part that attaches to the trunk and then the leaves extend out from there.  These pieces are quite large and fell in heavy winds.  Regular garden maintenance in a Florida garden means a landscape crew with a chainsaw cutting these off as they want to stay on the tree.

I thought these images would be a good representation of  'golden moments' with their beautiful colour and soft flowing lines.  This is a tribute to the Blue Jays win yesterday as they triumphed on in the Rogers Centre on their own home 'playing surface'.

The topic of 'surface' is a second subject of today's post.  It is a new series in my portfolio named 'Surface Attention'.  It is an indepth look at surface as the subject of the image.  This is about the visual and tactile quality of a surface in combination with the size, shape, and arrangement of its parts.  The Marvelling the Mushroom Series explored the underside surface of mushrooms with emphasis on line. This series expands that exploration.  If you'd like to see a wide range of photographic art images on this subject, hop over to the Redbubble group that I host:

Surfaces and Textures

The Featured Work image at the bottom shows a sample of what the group showcases.

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