Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Visiting Owls

It was a very rainy Saturday this past weekend.  We had the great experience of visiting the Owl Foundation in Vineland Station on the bank of Twenty Mile Creek, near the railroad crossing bridge.  It is a rehabilitation centre and sanctuary for injured owls.  Members are invited to visit once a year only.  It is still the home of the McKeevers who started the sanctuary in the 1970's. The mission is to return injured owls to a healthy state so that they can survive on their own and be released.  There are permanent residents who cannot survive on their own, and Big Bird, shown here in the house, is one of them, being blind in one eye.

We were impressed with all the facilities - corridors for flying and training to hunt, nesting cages to raise chicks, big cages with vegetation to simulate a wild owl habitat, the intensive care unit, isolation unit, etc.

Their site is here:  http://www.theowlfoundation.ca should you want to know more, and possibly donate to this important cause.



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