Friday, September 11, 2015

Remember the Trains

Today is an historic day.  Just as people remember where they were when John Kennedy was assassinated, so people remember where they were when the twin towers were attacked.

However, we are looking at a different story today.  We're on the railroad.  Our second photo shows Gramps tank cars.  These are famous tank cars in the modelling realm.

The name is said to come from the nickname of the oilfield owner William Hughes.  To please his grandchildren, he had is name painted on the tank cars of the Union Tank Car Company. There is also reference to known Gramps Oil and Refining - perhaps he was on a roll with the name,  The tanks were shipped to Alamos, Colorado for transfer to the narrow gauge.  Then they were on to the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.

This bought them their spot in history.  I can think of no railroads more beloved to modellers than those in Colorado.  

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