Wednesday, July 29, 2015

To Contain the Garden

I checked out the container garden trials in Simcoe last week.  There was an acre of 2400 container pots being trialled together in one place. This was a glorious site of perfect plants - each with its own drip of water and nutrients, so in perfect condition, mostly.  There were a few examples of problems we know about - downy mildew that has destroyed the Walleriana Impatiences crop and is persisting, so we won't see any of the traditional Impatience in our garden centres. What is being trialled is a new hybrid that a crosses the sun impatience (New Guinea)  with the traditional one.

Each pot is labelled with the breeder and the grower and the plants are supplied by the growers who participate in the trials.  The big day is the showcase for purchasers - all the nurseries and big box stores.  Our garden centre in Grimsby, Coles was there to evaluate what will be added to the shelves next year.

The sponsors and trial contributors are listed on the website:

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