Friday, July 24, 2015

How Many is a Thousand?

We made a visit to Kingston and the nearby Thousand Islands at Gananoque where boat tours take one through the Islands.  The tour is filled with beautiful scenery and cottages to admire. I'd wondered if there really were a thousand islands there.  It turns out that there are 1,864 islands.  They have criteria for what can be called an island. It must stay above water 365 days a year, and be at least 6 feet long. If you know of more criteria, let me know.

We come to the origin of Thousand Islands salad dressing.  It was named for this area.  A local created the dressing and it was passed on to George  Boldt of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel ( he built the famous Boldt Castle in the area).  It grew popular and well-known in his New York hotel.

We enjoyed passing by the cottage with the man on the balcony.  He was taking pictures of a model boat/ship.

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