Monday, May 4, 2015

Queen Street West

I stepped into Hudson's Bay at Yonge and Queen last week and the floor was a mess.  They had been sanding it and these were the marks the sanding left behind.  (I chose the blue colour).  They are in progress on updating the flooring.  Walking through Hudson's Bay (formerly Simpson's) was like walking through someone's home renovation.  The spaces need to function but it sure isn't normal to be in the plastic-lined hallways and then pop into brand new spaces. The old Eaton's store has taken the opposite approach to renovation: it is completely closed.  The store will become a Nordstrom's next year.

The next picture is a shot of Queen Street West's back alleys.  I cam so astonished that the front facades along Queen Street West can be pristine, and the back can look like the 9 circles of Hell all collapsed into one experience.



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