Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tropical Means Colour!

Florida Colours

Florida Colours     

We have left behind the brilliant colours of Florida. Our house for the the time we were there was Sweet Mango Manor, an historic house that is now a painted lady - blue with purple trim.  Colour was in abundance both inside and out. The patio stones were bright turquoise with yellow chairs and printed pink and turquoise cushions.

The patio had a little coffee table with patterned glass.  I used it one morning to create some abstract prints using cushions and found objects. When I look out at our northern landscape with its reduced colour palette, I realize that these tropical colours are part of what makes a vacation further south so attractive.  For the gardener, the subtropical garden of Sweet Mango Manor was lovely.  There were mass plantings of bromeliads as ground covers, orchids in hanging baskets, narrow palm trees creating height in the landscape, and butterflies on the powder puff bushes.  

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