Monday, January 26, 2015

Where are the Ducks in Winter?

Ducks in Winter

Where do they go?

I take my mother out for lunch at Pier 61 in Port Dalhousie.  It overlooks the water which was part of the old Welland Canal.  There is a small dam with a waterfall to add to the charm.  All this autumn and into the winter - including this past Saturday - there have been people fishing along the water.  They are hoping to catch trout and salmon, or they ARE catching trout and salmon.  That would explain their presence there all the time.  

We wonder, though, about the ducks and why there are more or less at various times on the water. She likes to count them.  Sometimes there are cormorants and they are tremendous fun disappearing and appearing.  It takes constant counting to keep track of them.

There are more ducks in the water in the summer, and she wondered why so few. I drove us through the Lakeside Park parking lot.  It is more sheltered, and that's where they all are 'parked' in the sun.  She threw up her hands - too many to count.

In comparison to Port Dalhousie's windswept shore, the Grimsby Beach area with the lighthouse is more sheltered.  I checked out the Pumphouse and the beach last week.  This was the scene - hundreds of ducks and dozens of geese quacking and honking so much that Dezi didn't want to get out of the car. 


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