Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Train Scenes

Train Scenes 

Everyone so appreciates the pictures of train models.  I can understand this when I look at the work that goes into these layouts.  These photos are from the convention in Portland OR a few years ago.  The boat house is wonderful, isn't it?  This was in a model competition rather than on a layout.

When I revisit these models through pictures, I become aware of the composition of the models.  There are all the details that make up the scene - like the birds on the wire framing the little building.  To me, it gives the image a little humour.  In the welding scene, the welding action comes alive in the tiny blue lights.  It gives this scene motion and immediacy.  The boathouse, with all its supplies out front tells a story of the many activities involved in maintaining boats.

There seems to be to be a nostalgia in these scenes.  They are of times past when things were mechanical so were tangible - and so life back then  seems simpler.  

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