Sunday, January 18, 2015

Toronto Has This Much To Say

Yesterday's Open Gardens Niagara ( summer market images are a world away from today's Toronto Queen Street alley pictures.  At times it is overwhelming to walk down graffiti alley.  Everything is covered everywhere.  For me the visual messages are raw rants, defeatists scrawls and desperate assertions of identity.  And then a wall mural will pop out like the fence in front of the car.

I enjoyed the leaning building image.  Looking into the space between the buildings, you can see the convergence at the end.  No getting through to Queen Street between these buildings.  Even so, peoplel squeezed in there to get a world in on the walls. 

The front of the bicycle store has its own visual language.  The arrangement of the bicycles seemed to me to be a blast on Queen Street West.  Maybe it takes a lot to get noticed in a big city with big things going on.  

You can find out more about graffiti alleys in Toronto at this site:

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  1. I always looked at Toronto as progressive in the art world. It has to be a great place to live. I don't visit as much as I should living so close. I was a regular at your zoo and Blue Jay games. In the last number of years, I have not been visiting as much and staying closer like Niagara on the Lake.