Monday, January 12, 2015

Redbubble and Fine Art America are more than Sales Sites

Being a Host on an Art Site
I am a member of two art sites - Redbubble (rb) and Fine Art America (FAA) - because they sell my work.  Betterphoto is the host of but it doesn't have any fulfillment capabilities so far.

I 'host' groups on these sites.  On Redbubble the two groups are related to gardens and flowers.  On Fine Art America the group is urban and nature macro abstracts.

The opportunity to host means I select images to feature in a display portfolio 0each week.  Over the few years, I've learned about what makes great images that have the 'wow' factor, and about putting images together into a portfolio with the 'wow' appeal.  I've discovered what makes an engaging topic for challenges where voting decides the top ten images.

Redbubble has a wonderful community of talent – here are the features this week in my garden and lilies groups: 
If you click the links above you can see the groups and look at my portfolios.  If you click this link -  All Glorious Gardens Challenge - you can see the latest images in the challenge, but you will want to sign in to vote.  
And come see the groups regularly and check out the features and gallery!

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