Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Niagara's News

Marilyn's Photo of the Day 

Niagara's News

Wear and Tear 

I am fascinated by patterns, shapes and lines in abstract form, so find patterns of wear and tear interesting.  These signs are corrugated plastic or cardboard. Perhaps it is a combination.  The bright colours and geometric shapes caught my attention.  The first sign is for delivery of The Standard, the St. Catharines newspaper.  It has been in operation since 1891. Now owned by Southam, it was originally owned by W. B. Burgoyne and stayed in the family for 105 years. The publication and its debt was bought in 1982 by the paper's mechanical superintendent for $1.  Father and son, Henry, ran the paper.  It passed on through the generations of Burgoynes, all of them keeping the editorial independence thriving. Their dedication to St. Catharines is commemorated with a number of landmarks - a park, arena, and downtown bridge all still carry his name.  The St. Catharines Standards remains a lively publication and the largest in Niagara.  It is interesting how a sign with wear and tear and have such a story packed into it. 

Now the tattoo sign, in Toronto, has no history so will be a mystery story.  One can create it from imagination.  Perhaps its location in the King Street West area can be the starting point.    

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