Sunday, January 4, 2015

Look Up and See the Sky

Midwest SkiesThese are two sky scenes from the midwest.  There are no colour adjustments or enhancements - this is the beauty of the midwest. One has to look up rather than look across the landscape. Looking across reveals corn growing to infinity. But look up and the clouds are complex and intensely coloured.

The Great Plains are not defined by the topology of landforms. It is native grasses that define the different landscapes - the short grass, mid grass and tall grass prairies.  

It turned out to be windy and hot when we were there.  This is the normal experience in summer, and winter is extreme too. This is a place that is home to harsh conditions and considered one of the least protected landscapes in North America. 

I did a google search and found pictures of storm clouds, called storm monsters, done by Camille Seaman, in case you want to see that side of the midwestern skies: 

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