Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Under the Overpass

I have never seen such a massive overpass structure at ground level.  I just drive on them above the landscape not even thinking of what's below.

This is at the Royal Botanical Gardens hiking trail beside the Hendrie Gardens.  I was overwhelmed with the tall concrete columns receding into darkness and the chain link fence.  The graffiti display seems to ground the massive structure and brands it as a human structure.  I looked at this like it was some modern temple. It seems to have the visual impact that the Pyramids would have, or so I thought.  

It gave me an impending sense of the ending of things - the Gates of Hell in the distance.  I wondered what the purpose of Gates to Hell would be - to keep mortals out or to keep  immortal residents in.  

I went back to the serene beauty of the marsh, with Kingfisher, Hawk, Chick-a-dees, Muscrats, Ducks, and the subdued palette of the December forest.

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