Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Notre Dame University - The Biggest Marching Band in Practise

Hi everyone,
We stopped in South Bend, IN on our first day of travelling to Kansas City (well Overland Park, south of Kansas City).  Our hotel was at the entrance to the University.  It's a glorious place with its famous football team. The sports stadium is the biggest structure on the campus, and everywhere it's 'Those Fighting Irish'.  I could hear fabulous music coming from the campus and knew this was special.  It was the marching band practise.  There must have been at least 500 musicians all in sections/rows numbered and organized.  There were 3 conductors on ladders and a loudspeaker system.  The sound was fantastic and the music was wonderful.  I didn't include the picture of the official coming towards me to ask my affiliation.  'Amateur photographer' was my reply.  'With any newspapers?' was the quick comeback.  I can imagine the level of coverage this band gets.  

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