Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Model Trains

Everyone seems to love the pictures of model trains.  Here are a few more today…including one that shows the set-up of a layout.


  1. I am not one for model trains, but do agree with you many people like them. Our area has quite a few in gardens, one I just showed recently. It is quite amazing how these gardeners incorporate model trains. I see your images are at a train show. I would not doubt some folks in our area went as well.

    1. Yes a garden railway is indeed an incredible accomplishment. To do this in our northern climate is a lot of railroad work - redoing tracks and switches after the winter. I love to photograph trains - both real and models. It is great to catch the steam shooting out and the engineer in the cab. In the garden, though, for me, I love my plants and flowers and traditional garden elements.

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