Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Niagara's Crab Apple Allee - Spring and Winter

I found some old pictures from 2006.  That was the year I decided to take a picture a day as a project.  By the end of the year, I decided to become a photographer, and within the next year had transitioned from my Management Consulting work, and was taking photography courses at Ryerson and online. It's a few years later, and I am enjoying gardening and photography as my major activities.  I still do some contract consulting work for the income.  

So, I found a 2006 image of the Niagara Crab Apple Allee, and want to show you the spring and winter comparison. It's that such a show when they are in bloom!  

Something I noticed was the difference in where I took the picture from then.  I missed out on capturing the infinity view.  This past winter you can see how extensive the Allee is and how far that view goes.  The giant urns - and they are giant - draw your eye all the way through the garden, and right to the end.  It is a masterful technique that we can consider using in our own little gardens - placing pots at regular intervals to draw the eye through the garden scape.

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