Thursday, November 28, 2013

Niagara's Snow Blossom Trail

Yesterday's snow day in Niagara was spectacular.  The trees on the escarpment were completely covered in snow, revealing magical patterns and structures.  It was a warm day here with little wind, so the snow stayed in these lovely patterns all through the morning. 

This orchard is at the top of the escarpment on the Road to Beamer Park.  It's the Hawk Park where the annual hawk migration count takes place. From Beamer one can easily see all across Lake Ontario with Toronto the central jewel.  

You will likely see these trees again.  This is the first time I saw them - they have a bonsai sensibility.  There's the big thick trunk of an old tree.  THen, the shape is a perfect fan with branches evenly spaced and fanning out with great symmetry.  They reveal themselves  as orchard trees - with the little branches sticking straight up.  These 'whips' will likely be gone before winter is finished.

WIth the snow caught in the branches, the structures became clearly defined.  I thought they had the appearance of snow blossoms, so I did a pink version.  I guess this would be the winter blossom trail.

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