Saturday, April 27, 2013

Great Gardens Near Niagara

Hi everyone,
This image makes me wonder what is in bloom in the Winterthur Garden.  It is North America's greatest naturalistic garden.  That means that everything appears to have happened by nature, and in fact is planted and cared for.  

I went to the website as they have a very active blog and the garden is awash in daffodils.  I would guess that 'awash' there means up to millions of daffodils.  There were hillsides with the leaves showing in early April.  In my garden 'awash' would be hundreds...

Here's the plant list from last week:

Also, if you go to the website, you will see a most impressive list of what's in bloom where.  It's a list of everything desirable to the spring gardener:

I had the good fortune to hop on the trolley when I was there and the driver was a knowledgeable gardener and historian.  A highlight of her tidbits of knowledge is about he cow barn floor - it is made of chestnut.  It became available when the chestnut trees on the property died.  

Another bit of information is that Dupont was good friends with hybridizers and growers, so much of the extensive azalea and rhododendron garden is unnamed hybrids from well-known hybridizers.  There is a propagation program to make them available and better known.

So today's post shows the wonderful Swathmore College with its 'idyllic' grounds and Scott Arboretum so that we have the benefit of being awash in daffodills.  

This is the beautiful March Bank, early April 2013 at Winterthur:

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