Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fluffy and Duffy at RaptorFest in Grimsby

Hi everyone,
It's here!  I saw Niagara orchard trees in bloom yesterday - definitely some apricots.  I can identify the bark and shapes of hard fruit trees such as apples and pears.  I am good with cherry bark.  But there are so many varieties of cherries, and then there are apricots and peaches and they all seem so similar right now.  

Our image today is not about orchards and blossoms, though.  This is because yesterday we went to the RaptorFest at Grimsby's arena (named the Peach Tree Centre) and saw live raptors, tropical animals and birds and reptiles.  Did you know that last year almost 15,000 raptors flew over Grimsby last year.  Beamer Point is the defining moment of the escarpment - the closest point to the other side of the lake.  If I recall the facts, raptors decide whether they can get across the lake on the winds, or whether they will turn left for Hamilton or turn right for Rochester.  

Here's more information:

These are two month-old Great Horned Owls.  That means they were born in March, and nests were built in February.  We got to see them very close yesterday, as with all the animals and birds.

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