Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A City in a Park

A City in a Park.  That's the slogan that's on many of Toronto's park signs.  If you turn your head to the right as you drive over the Mimico Creek Bridge on Bloor Street in Toronto Ontario Canada, this is what you'll see.  It looks like a pastoral rural scene, not a busy city centre.  Yet Toronto is a city of ravines with parks  and also the largest city in Canada.  And this combination makes it a comfortable and pleasant place to live.

Of course I had to pay to park to take this photo, as this is Toronto with its forest of parking meters, but I'd stopped in at Vince's, the little grocery shop, to buy a few things and took advantage of the benefit of all of these worlds at once.

   Where are your favourite parks and scenic landscapes in and about Toronto?  I would love to hear about them...

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