Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bracebridge Gardens

Frank Kershaw, well-known horticulturalist and garden expert, organizes and hosts day tours to gardens in Toronto and to areas a comfortable bus-ride away from Toronto.  He has extensive knowledge of gardeners and gardens all over Ontario, and the trip yesterday demonstrated this expertise.  The day tour went to the Bracebridge area where we saw 4 gardens.  Two of these - Rocksborough Flower Farm and Artful Garden are both open to the public.  We were lucky, though, as Frank also took us to 2 private gardens that were amazing for their design and their choice of plants.  All of the gardens were at their peak (perhaps they always are) - beautiful perennials, lots of water features, interesting garden sheds, and arbours, benches and chairs both whimsical and practical.   I was particularly impressed with the architecture of the homes and buildings.  Each was beautifully integrated with the landscape.  

Be sure to look up Rocksborough and Artful Garden and even get in a visit this year.  The Artful Garden is the main feature article in this summer's Harrowsmith magazine - it is an open air display of art in their gardens and grounds featuring over 40 artists.  Rocksborough is close-by and sells interesting and unusual plants which are grown on the property.  Both of them are enchanting and delightful.

If it's sounding like you might  want to go on one of Frank Kershaw's tours, they at published on the Mary Morton Tours website.

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