Monday, February 18, 2019

The Purple Mattress

Our pictures yesterday almost looked like a lavender field - the purple colour seemed like a calm colour.   It must be the case - here is -  "Purple - The World's First Comfort Tech Company Backed by Science".  

"Mattress technology hasn’t really changed in over 40 years. So rather than just repurpose memory foam like everybody else, we got our hands dirty with some hardcore macromolecular science. 30 patents later, the Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™ was born. Some call it ‘game-changing’ or even ‘breakthrough innovation’. We just love helping people sleep and feel better."

Do you remember that yesterday's Light Festival had over 7,000 reviews?  Today's Purple mattress claims 42,000 verified reviews and counting.  Reviews are accredited with "Side Sleeper" and "Back Sleeper".  The next page of reviews has these attributions: "Purple Pet Bed",  "Purple Pillow", "Purple Seat Cushion", "Purple Sheets", and "Purple Mattress Cover".  

That's a lot of Purple  - it is a great site and fun to read the reviews -  each one says "verified".  Wouldn't it be a great job to be a "Review Verifier".  Here is the site:

Why would they choose purple for the name of their mattress?  Purple is a special colour through history - Roman magistrates, Emperors of Japan, aristocracy - it is associated with rarity, royalty, magic, mystery, and piety.  Purple is NOT violet - they both occur between red and blue, but purple is closer to red, between crimson and violet.  Purple is a combination of two spectral colours - red and blue, and there is no such thing as the "wavelength of purple light". Here are the colour charts for purple, then violet.

These two colour charts so clearly distinguish between purple and violet.  The Performing Art Centre spent most of its time in blue and violet and transitioned to purple at the end.  I went through my picture collection and put this collage together featuring purple.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

To the Light

This is Family Day Weekend, so there are a lot of family events on everywhere.  The Distillery District in Toronto has the Light Festival on until March 3rd. You can see the highlights of the 2018 Festival in their gallery HERE.  It "will transform the neighbourhood into one of the largest open-air galleries in North America, lighting up the long winter nights with distinctive works from local and international light artists."

Yelp has more pictures HERE.  And there are some YouTube postings such as this one HERE - it doesn't have ads.  If you go to TripAdvisor, there are 7,490 traveler reviews and 4,062 candid photos.  That's a lot of scrolling...

There is a Winter Light Exhibition on at Ontario Place. This is surprising, given its semi-dormant status, but maybe I haven't been keeping up with its news.  This is also an art installation display with information about each piece on display.  There is one titled The Greenhouse - "it glows in the dark of winter, rich with greenery and blooming plants, yet simultaneously engulfed by a fire that's ablaze within".

We were at the Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines last night for the Oscar Peterson Jazz Festival concert.  The walls of the theatre light up and have a wonderful presence in the space creating an indoor light festival.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Scentsation is defined as an outstanding use of fragrance in applications other than perfume and cologne. It is said to be coined by PerfumeCulture as a scent and trend agency.  It has since made its way into the naming of flowers.  Here are a few.

I mistakenly bought Honeysuckle "Scentsation."  It was a lucky error.  I thought I'd purchased Paul's Scarlett, but the blooms were not pink - they were yellow. I had thought I might have one of the invasive Japanese Honeysuckles.  Instead these were blossoms that lasted from mid-spring to late summer and has strong fragrance.  What are the notes in honeysuckle?  It is considered fruity and warm with hints of honey and ripe citrus. 

There is a petunia that has been hybridized to have its fragrance back - just as roses lost and got back their beautiful scent via David Austin.  What is the fragrance in this blue Petunia "Evening Scentsation"?  It is described as having notes of hyacinth, sweet honey and rose and is stronger in the evening. 

There is a series of miniature roses in the "Scentsational" series. "Overnight Scentsation" journeyed to space to aid in studies about the effects of low gravity on the smell of roses.  "Moonlight Sensation" is another one.

What about finding the Camellia "Sweet Scentsation".  I would need to go to warmer areas of the U.S. for this.

We know that Evening Scented Stock (Matthiola bicornis) is night-scented. It has a series named "Starlight Scentsation". This is a flower with strong notes of cloves and cinnamon. Others have nutmeg and vanilla scent.

And there is a Tuberous Begonia that has the name Scentsation - it is a Blackmore & Langdon variety. Many of the scented begonias smell like roses.

Many people don't realize the Cyclamen is a scented flower - they also have a Scentsation Series.  It isi considered light floral, clean, fresh, and slightly mysterious.

And there is a Nicotiana alata mix "Scentsation" - it comes in pinks, purples and whites - that's interesting to me.  I will definitely find this one for this year's garden. The scent is considered similar to Jasmine.

If we want to describe out floral scents, take a look at this website -

These window view pictures were taken at the Ringling Circus mansion.  All the windows have pale stained glass panes.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Need a Coupon?

Is it ever national coupon day?  Coupons take up a whole month - September.

When did coupons start? In 1887, it was Coca-Cola who first got customers hooked on coupons.

In 2011 311 billion coupons were distributed and 3.5 billion were redeemed. Food accounts for 65.7% of the coupons.  One site told me that every American could get more than 1,000 coupons a year.  That's more than the Roman Catholic Saints.  We'd be purchasing like mad - using almost 3 a day. Social media has brought couponing to new levels - with 40% of young adults trading and swapping coupons on social media. 

Here's a pictorial history of coupons:

Let's enjoy some summer whether on Summer Street in Buffalo - here are two of the houses in the Buffalo Garden Walk.  I call the pink house - The Bubble House.  This cottage district named Little Summer was developed by Lydia Cox in the 1870's.  The street is closed to traffic and the tens of thousands of garden visitors take over.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Susan Sontag and a Valentine

"Beethoven never married, but in his early forties he feel deeply in love with a mysterious woman who remains known as “immortal beloved” — the eternally enchanting term of endearment by which the great composer addressed her in his letters. Her true identity has spurred entire books, but historians currently believe she was Antonie Brentano — a Viennese aristocrat married to a Frankfurt businessman.

Beethoven’s missives to this “immortal beloved,” which include the only known love letter of his to use the informal German du for “you” rather than the formal Sie, were found among his personal effects; they were never mailed — a beautiful and tragic testament to the fact that their affair, like all affairs, was both bedeviled and vitalized by the awareness that the two lovers could never fully have each other."

The paragraphs above was written by Maria Popova, who was referencing the book "The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time" edited by David H. Lowenherz.  The fifty authors and recipients are listed HERE.   All famous writers or historical figures.  

 Maria Popova is interesting.  Going through her blog, I find a special post.  It is Susan Sontag on Love:  Illustrated Diary Excerpts. 

What Maria did was to sieve through Sontag's journals for her most poignant, most private meditations on love.  These were published in As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964 - 1980. Then Maria had artist Wendy MacNaughton hand-letter and illustrate them exclusively for Brain Pickings as a poster.  This became so popular that numerous editions were printed and published.   It is HERE

Wendy MacNaughton's collaborated with Maria a lot and her work is shown with the articles HERE.

But head over to her website and see a compelling display of her drawings  -

Our Valentine Day images come from the Ringling Circus in Sarasota.