Sunday, April 23, 2017

Boris Says Google Me

Last week was a volunteer appreciation dinner for Community Living, where I am on the Foundation Board and a volunteer for the Festival of Arts June 3rd.  We were entertained by Boris the Hypnotist.  He has his own Wikipedia entry here.  He is originally from Moscow and now a Canadian with the occupation:
  • Hypnotist Comedian 
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Psychological Illusionist/Metalist/Motivational
He is credited with the term 'google me' (2011).   His book You Can Do Anything motivates the reader to success and laughter while making dreams a reality.  

We had an enjoyable time with Boris, in which he started with eight participants, of which two were hypnotized within a few minutes.  The rest were sent off the stage - I guess too much time and work effort - one could see their struggle with the process.

The remaining two got to go on the beach in California, row canoes in Colorado - while leading a crew of Japanese, then Spanish, then, Swedish crew members.  They tried to avoid going over Niagara Falls in all languages too.  They were hypnotized to not be able to say six.  They they were put on a game show where the winning answer for $1 million dollars was 'six'.  At one point, our contestant, knowing the answer and unable to speak it, said 5 plus 1, and then 7 - 1 - creative work-arounds.  Truly one of those bad dream moments:  
Boris has a great awareness of our universal dreams and nightmares, and our sense of enjoying the best and worst of things.  Thanks to Boris.

We're looking at my interpretive images of boston ivy from last week in Toronto. This is at the Toronto Tennis Club.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

There's a Yes In There

The song "Here's to Life" is written by Phyllis Molinary and became Shirley Horn's signature song.  JazzFM plays it regularly, and the station played it as a dedication to Jack Layton when he died.  In it are the lyrics "there's no yes in yesterday".

There are many words with yes in them, but finding the yes in there seems illusive to me compared to these lyrics.  

As a scrabble player, you are visualizing the words and not pronouncing them. So finding all the yeses would be much easier.  Scrabble sites that let us know all of the yeses to be found.  And interestingly, so many of them contain 'eyes' as in pinkeyes and shuteyes and frogeyes.   

So we're back to the famous music composed by Johnny Mandel, released in 1992, with Winton Marsalis as the trumpet soloist.  

Here is the verse:

There is no yes in yesterday
And who knows what tomorrow brings or takes away
As long as I'm still in the game I want to play
For last, for life, for love

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bees Come Down

I spotted the first blossom trees in Niagara.  But I have to admit I don't know what kind of blossoms they are.  I am thinking apricots.  I remember in 2012 when we had the mildest of winters, Ii saw apricots blossoms in March, and then there was cold weather so the crop didn't develop.

I saw these trees across from the United Mennonite Home in Vineland.

I went to Cherry Lane on Victoria Street, to see if there was anything blooming there.  Cherry Lane has quite a distinction.  This is a family where the tenth generation is farming.  But that isn't their fame.  What distinguishes their family is the development of the first red peach - Red Haven.  It's the best known one now. They also have a major processing and cherry brining facility. There's an overview of Niagara fruit growers here.

Vineyards are showing the pink but at the ground level - this second picture is at Jordan Station. I think the flowers are a wild/weedy form of lamium.  I have a bit in my garden too.

And I checked out my favourite weeping cherry tree on Niagara Street (across from Laura Secord High School) in St. Catharines, and the blossoms are showing pink.

Have a Happy Easter and Passover Celebration.  

Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Golden Bone Stories

We are on a golden path - I don't know what the dog fountain's name is.  I've named it "The Golden Bone".

People have had a lot of fun with this - there are many retrievals in google for the 'golden bone'.  I enjoyed the video title "Cue the music as Indiana 'Bones' rescues the Golden Bone.  Indiana Bones - Raiders of the Lost Bark.

There is a Super Why Wooster's Journey To The Golden Bone.  Golden Bone Awards pop up in various places - the Strut Your Mutt charity drive in LA raised over $52,000 for pet rescue.  

This title - "Academy Throws Golden Bone to World's Second Highest-Paid Actor." In 2016 Jackie Chan received an honorary Oscar.

Another great title - BarkBox Golden Bone Contest - BarkPost.

Our pictures are the beginning and closing views of the CN Tower in Toronto earlier this week.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Golden Bone

We saw Jazz Lives yesterday at Koerner Hall in Toronto.  I went in the morning and spent the day in Toronto, taking pictures.  I checked out the Market area, and there is so much work underway.  All around the Flatiron Building is road construction, so there likely won't be good pictures of it for a while.  In the park behind the building is a new fountain.  Here's the description.  None other than Claude Cormier has designed this - he is the blue tree landscape architect that I've previously covered.   he's the designer of Sugar Beach with those umbrellas.

The link shows pictures of the design, models, and installation so far.  All the breeds of dogs that are in the installation are listed.

Here is another link that follows this complicated project.