Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Clay Land

I found some cracked clay at the former Prudhomme's site.  One can see the lake there now.  This is temporary, but I don't see a timeline for when the large - really large -  residential/commercial development will start.

The tract of land stretches from Victoria Ave in Vineland to the edge of the Jordan Harbour where Lake House Restaurant is.  It seems to exclude the Lake House restaurant in the descriptions.  This was originally Colonel J. Butler land - granted after the war of 1812. 

I can imagine how many people are planned for such a large area. Grimsby's Casablanca area development will add 6,000 people in a much smaller stretch along the lake.  Lincoln and Vineland populations will grow significantly with this addition.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Perhaps yesterday's unpopular names was a story about luck of the draw - what our parents choose to bestow.

This is a definite example of luck - "success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions".  We wish each other luck quite often - typically on an event.

But wait!  Here's "The Luck Factor" by psychologist Richard Wiseman.  It is his write up of an 8 year scientific study into what luck actually is. He identifies 4 (I think) traits of the personality which add up to making a "lucky" person. He investigated thing such as whether people are born with it, can catch it, can change it...

The traits are along the lines of:
- relaxed attitude
- trusting your intuition
- optimism and perseverance
- ability to turn bad luck into good luck

It demonstrates that if you consider yourself unlucky then all is not lost. By changing your attitude and/or behaviour then you can become "lucky".

The "Unlucky" are covered in this article by  The first story is of a couple who have experienced three terrorist attacks while on vacation - September 11, London transit strike, and a third in Mumbai.  

The "Weird Luck" are covered in this article in  I think this is the most intriguing and seems to go beyond luck.

The first is the curse of James Dean's car.  It includes: the doctor who bought the engine and put it into his racing car, was killed shortly afterwards, and another racing driver was killed in his car, which had James Dean's driveshaft.  When James Dean's Porsche was later repaired, the garage it was in was destroyed by fire.  And more.  What about the falling baby, saved twice by the same man? Three suicide attempts, all stopped by the same Monk.  Mark Twain born on the day of Halley's Commet's appearance and died on its next appearance. Two brothers were killed by the same taxi drive, one year apart, riding the same moped, carrying the same passenger.

My picture shows Dezi checking out the Cobra Lily - these are the arums that smell like rotting flesh.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Where's Edna?

I guessed it - Edna is on the list of the most unpopular names.  The list comes from the website  
1. Cilla7. Mildred13. Gail19. Edmund
2. Bertha8. Dorothy   14. Karen20. Gus
3. Cynthia    9. Edna15. Ian21. Roger
4. Janice10. Bonnie  16. Frank22. Bertram   
5. Anita11. Cindy17. Clarence23. Clive
6. Marcia12. Donna18. Ricky 24. Ronald

Mental floss went on a search and found the U.S. Social Security website lists the top 1000 boy and girl names for each year from 1880 onward.  The Mental Floss article listed 106 of the least popular baby names in American History. Names like Commodore, Spurgeon, Found, Bliss, Starling, Little - for boys.  And for girls - Icy, Easter, Ova, Sister, Tiny, and Cuba.  

For 1908 the article lists boy's name Lillian, and the girl's name Lilyan.  It seems to me we've always made up interesting names.

This beautiful branch of a Sago palm was at one of the residences on the Shaw Guild Garden Tour on the weekend. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sinking - How Big is the Hole Today?

Each day I do a search on news today and the headline "How Big is the Hole Today" came and went in a flash, followed by different news headlines.

I went in search of it.  It was yesterday's news about a sinkhole in Glace Bay, N.S. that is getting bigger every day.  You can see the picture here The article concluded with: 
"The owners of the property say the safety of their tenants is their top priority. They added that they plan to hire an expert to get to the bottom of the problem.
A fence is currently in place to keep people from stumbling into the apparent abyss."  Here's the headline:

Apartment residents have sinking feeling they live above bootleg mine ...

The biggest sinkhole ever?

Qattara Depression. The vast Qattara west of Cairo, Egypt is the largest natural sinkhole in the world, measuring 80km long by 120km wide. This dangerous, sludge-filled quicksand pit is unearthly in its appearance and shocking in its size.Aug 26, 2008

Monday, May 15, 2017

Why is a Computer so Smart?

Wake Up on the Bright Side - Because it has a Motherboard

Mother's Day weekend saw a worldwide online extortion attack in somewhere between 74 and 150  countries.  Included are government organizations such as NHS in Britain.

It is called 'ransomware' in which people are locked out of their files and presented with a demand to pay hackers.

What a story of intrigue that involves the US National Security Authority code known as "Eternal Blue" which made its way from a hacking organization called Shadow Brokers to a separate crime gang. Demands have ranged from $US300 to $US600.  The campaign was spreading five million emails per hour. The malware's name is WCry.  In Spain, major firms had to shut down computers using megaphone announcements. Even Russia was hit by a virus attack.

Experts believe the timing is related to the April 14 attack by the US on Syria with a message from the Shadow Brokers that they voted for Trump and are losing faith in him. 

We have two lake views today - the first from Grimsby's Nelles Beach.  This canoe up on the shore just seemed like one of those absurd scenes.  There's a boat launch access at Nelles Beach, which can explain the canoe sitting there.  There is no beautiful sandy beach to stroll along this year with the high lake levels. The next one is from a lakefront home in Burlington, showing its beautiful view across the bay to the Burlington Bridge.