Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sinking - How Big is the Hole Today?

Each day I do a search on news today and the headline "How Big is the Hole Today" came and went in a flash, followed by different news headlines.

I went in search of it.  It was yesterday's news about a sinkhole in Glace Bay, N.S. that is getting bigger every day.  You can see the picture here The article concluded with: 
"The owners of the property say the safety of their tenants is their top priority. They added that they plan to hire an expert to get to the bottom of the problem.
A fence is currently in place to keep people from stumbling into the apparent abyss."  Here's the headline:

Apartment residents have sinking feeling they live above bootleg mine ...

The biggest sinkhole ever?

Qattara Depression. The vast Qattara west of Cairo, Egypt is the largest natural sinkhole in the world, measuring 80km long by 120km wide. This dangerous, sludge-filled quicksand pit is unearthly in its appearance and shocking in its size.Aug 26, 2008

Monday, May 15, 2017

Why is a Computer so Smart?

Wake Up on the Bright Side - Because it has a Motherboard

Mother's Day weekend saw a worldwide online extortion attack in somewhere between 74 and 150  countries.  Included are government organizations such as NHS in Britain.

It is called 'ransomware' in which people are locked out of their files and presented with a demand to pay hackers.

What a story of intrigue that involves the US National Security Authority code known as "Eternal Blue" which made its way from a hacking organization called Shadow Brokers to a separate crime gang. Demands have ranged from $US300 to $US600.  The campaign was spreading five million emails per hour. The malware's name is WCry.  In Spain, major firms had to shut down computers using megaphone announcements. Even Russia was hit by a virus attack.

Experts believe the timing is related to the April 14 attack by the US on Syria with a message from the Shadow Brokers that they voted for Trump and are losing faith in him. 

We have two lake views today - the first from Grimsby's Nelles Beach.  This canoe up on the shore just seemed like one of those absurd scenes.  There's a boat launch access at Nelles Beach, which can explain the canoe sitting there.  There is no beautiful sandy beach to stroll along this year with the high lake levels. The next one is from a lakefront home in Burlington, showing its beautiful view across the bay to the Burlington Bridge.  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Bright Side of Mother's Day

Here in Niagara, Mother's Day is also a blossom day.  Where it is the Niagara orchards or the ornamental crab apples, there are always blossoms on Mother's Day.

The next picture is what a garden club/horticultural society plant sale looks like 5 minutes before 200 people descend in a feeding frenzy.  There were about 1,200 plants from member gardens and wholesale donations.  

One may think of all the member hours that go into a plant sale.  But there are a lot of Dollarama products that go into it too.  The pretty green table clothes,  the metal sign stands, the dots on the pots that indicate the price point, the popsicle sticks with the plant names.  Perhaps Plant Sale day is our Dollarama appreciation day too.

We've traced the roots of Mother's Day in previous years.  Anna Jarvis., the founder, had to work hard to get it established.  The U.S. created it with a bill that was signed in both houses in 1914.  President Woodrow Wilson was given credit for the idea of the official Mother's Day at the time.

How did the commercialization happen?  Hallmark Cards and their greeting cards, made it happen. 

Where are we now with this commercialization? Sign onto Google today and see the Google Doogle:  a series story of a pregnant cactus and her journey as a mother from giving birth to her baby cacti, to taking care of it and finally living a settled life with the grown up babies.  I consider this one a bit weird.

Enjoy your family gathering today!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Finnish Translated

Wake Up on the Bright Side 

I haven't known anyone from Finland.  They have a lot of unusual expressions that seem hilarious to me.  I found them at  I also found the Expat Finland website for more on their curious language.  They have a page on Finnglish Faux Pas.

But back to the many expressions they have that are so different from own English versions.  There's a rude alert for some of them.

1. The Finns aren’t “in a very bad mood”… they are like “a bear shot in the ass” (Kuin perseeseen ammuttu karhu).
2. The Finns aren’t “broke”… they have their “ass wide open” (Persaukinen).
3. The Finns aren’t in a “great hurry”… they “run using a head as a third leg” (Juosta pää kolmantena jalkana).
4. The Finns don’t think someone is “crazy”… they doubt “if one has all the Moomins in the valley” (Olla kaikki muumit laaksossa).
5. The Finns don’t use a “computer”… they have a “knowledge machine” (Tietokone).
6. The Finns don’t “get big-headed”… they have “piss coming up to their head” (Nousta kusi päähän).
7. The Finnish children don’t wait for a Santa Claus on Christmas Eve… they wait for a ‘’Christmas goat” (Joulupukki).
8. The Finns don’t ask “how are you?”… they ask “what are you hearing?” (Mitä sinulle kuuluu?).
9. The Finns don’t call remote places “godforsaken”… they state that a place is “behind God’s back” (Jumalan selän takana).
10. The Finns don’t say women are curvy… they say that women “have something to get a hold on” (Olla jotain, josta pitää kiinni).
11. The Finns don’t say “fuck you”… they tell you to “sniff cunt” (Haista vittu).
12. The Finns don’t have fairytales about “dragons”… they tell stories about “flying snakes” (Lohikäärme).
13. The Finns don’t say someone looks extremely happy… they say one “smiles like a sun in Naantali” (Hymyillä kuin Naantalin aurinko).
14. The Finns don’t say something “vanished into thin air”… they say it “disappeared like a fart in Sahara” (Kadota kuin pieru Saharaan).
15. The Finns don’t say that “as a result of a rush something was implemented poorly”… they say something was “pissed while running” (Juosten kustu).
16. Angry Finns don’t say they will “kill you” …they offer to “take you behind the sauna” (Viedä saunan taakse).
17. The Finns don’t encourage you (or themselves) to “drink more”… they just say that “a drop won’t kill and you can’t drown in a bucket” (Ei tippa tapa eikä ämpäriin huku).
18. The Finns don’t think something is “very heavy”… they think it “weights like a sin” (Painaa kuin synti).
19. The Finns don’t say that “it’s water under the bridge”… they say “it’s snow of the past winter” (Menneen talven lumia).
20. The Finns don’t “bite the dust”…they “kick the emptiness” (Potkaista tyhjää). 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Many Questions!

Google covers the top trending searches.  For example, the number one searched-for animal is Giraffe, then Brahma chicken. 

"The most Googled "What is..." and "How to..." questions of 2016 both revolved around one thing: Pokémon Go."

I found the website covering the World's Most Popular Questions -  Martin Kryzwinski, science art, staff scientist, Bioinformatics, Genome Sciences Centre, Vancouver.  He is willing to take them all on:
"Even before we explored outside our caves, mankind has been plagued by unanswerable questions.
How do I heal a broken heart?
Why do I never see baby pigeons?
I don't understand how Lost ended."
In the section Examples, he lists these questions as  General Issues:
How could I ask for more?
How do people do extreme couponing?
How can I sell my soul?
Who can I sue?
Why can't I hold all these limes?
Why can't I sell my kidney?
Why don't people like me?
Why do people hear voices in their head?
Why do I always feel like murdering everyone?
Why do I never see baby pigeons?
I don't understand how Lost ended.
I don't understand where I went wrong.

One might want to click on these questions to see what the answers are.  Alas, they don't have links. There's enough on his website to keep one busy, though.  

These pictures come from a farm burn pile beside the road on the escarpment.